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Emily, a college student blogger over at Honeybee Joyous gave me an awesome opportunity to try out her new Plan Better Live Better 2016-2017 Planner. I’ve never been able really stick to a planner and usually juggle 2-3 pieces of paper with a weekly and daily To Do list for work tasks AND personal tasks. I spend most of my days scatterbrained with so many things I have to do, goals I want to accomplish, and creative ideas I want to explore…and a lot of times, I don’t get much done because I don’t know what to work on first. But the Plan Better Live Better Planner is helping. Here’s how:

  1. It’s big. It’s about the size of computer paper.  There’s enough space to accommodate both my work and personal tasks/commitments, AND enough space for me to add things throughout the day that I need to do or remember as they pop into my mind, which happens a lot to me. The planner comes in a pdf, and you get to decide how to use it: print it out yourself, send to Staples to print out, bind, put in a binder (like me!), staple, etc.
  2. No more juggling several lists; everything is in one place.  I tend to create separate work/personal life To Do lists, then a list of weekly or monthly personal and work goals. It’s hard keeping all of that stuff fresh in my head so I remember to take action on it, but with the Plan Better Live Better Planner, everything is in one place. The weekly spread includes tons of space to write out my schedule for each day, but it also designates space to a “This Week’s Top Five” goals column and a “Don’t Forget” column. Those are lifesavers for me. I get to think with intention about what I want to accomplish this week–in my work life and personal life–AND jot down all of those random, but important tasks that pop into my head during the day, i.e. wrap shower gift. Get mom’s bday present. Everything I need to remember and/or do is one place. It’s so much more peaceful than my previous methods.
  3. It’s set up for you to be productive in a peaceful way. There’s also a section for every month called “My goals for this month are…” which is a box that gives you enough space to write out everything you have/want to do for the month, then schedule each task into your weekly spread. My scatterbrained thoughts always make me think I have so much stuff to do that it’ll never get done. But the monthly goals box helps me see everything that needs to be accomplished in front of me (which calms me down because everything is out of my head and onto a page), decide how high of a priority each task is, and schedule it accordingly on the very next page in the weekly spread. This type of planning helps us scatterbrained folks to focus, get clear on what we have/want to do, and actually do it.

Use this link to get the planner!

Plan Better Live Better collage

A few things I’m not crazy about/not sure if I’ll use:

-While I LOVE how much space the planner has, I can’t throw it in my purse. Or whip it out at the doctor’s office when making an appointment. Though I just use my phone calendar to schedule appointments when I’m out, then plug them into the planner when I get home.

-There is a finance tracker for each month to help you keep track of how much you spend. But I think I’m too lazy to physically write out each of my expenses. Don’t think I’ll be using this much.

-Wish it was a little cuter. This planner is really meant to help you show up for and accomplish everything you want/need to get done. Pretty flowers, inspirational quotes, or whimsical fonts are not the priority. I get it, I just can’t help but miss a cute planner! I DEFINITELY recommend printing this in color. Mine is in black and white (to save $), but I wish I paid a little extra to see Emily’s grey and blue color scheme; much more energizing.

That wraps up my review on the Plan Better Live Better Planner. I’m excited to continue using it, and hope you try it out too!

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Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for the “Plan Better Live Better Planner” and will receive a small percentage of sales made through the link. All opinions are expressed are 100% my own.