Quick Guide: How to stop obsessing about food and your body over the holidays

Happy Holidays! You survived finals (like a boss) and can now relax with your fam and friends, get (and give) awesome gifts, and eat lots of food.

Speaking of food…a few years ago, the holidays stressed me out like crazy, food-wise. I would binge on ALL THE FOOD because I knew that on January 1, I would “get back on track,” i.e. try to lose weight by eating “healthy” and majorly controlling my food intake. OR I would scrutinize everything I put in my mouth and torture myself with thoughts like, If I eat this slice of pie, I need to work out later. I can’t eat this cheese since I had cheese earlier. I should work out before we eat. I’m so huge. Maybe I should drink that water and lemon drink after dinner. After 8pm, no more food.

Ug I was miserable!

Can you relate to this? All of this obsession and self-hatred really suck the joy out of the holiday season.

But it’s totally possible to feel peaceful and free around food and our bodies. I promise. Use the guide below to help you get there!

Mantras: Use these whenever you have anxious food/body thoughts and start to go to crazy town.

  • I love my food; my food loves me. (From Gabrielle Bernstein)
  • I’m not a body; I am free. (Also from Gabby)
  • I am a vessel through which love and light is expressed (This one too)
  • The person next to me is not attainable. Only my best self is attainable.

Eat light:
This is trippy, but it WORKS. Imagine that whatever you’re eating, whether it’s salad or cookies or bread or lasagna (what my fam had for Christmas dinner), imagine that you’re eating beautiful white or golden light that fills and relaxes your body. That food is sacred, regardless of what it is, and it’s nourishing you in some way. Eating light lessens those negative judgments we put on our food, like, I’m so bad for eating this. I shouldn’t be eating this. When we remove that judgment, we don’t feel compelled to binge. We just eat the food, enjoy it, and move on.

Touch yourself:
NOT talking about masturbation here, though you should do that lata 😉 During your holiday festivities, take a few seconds to put your hands somewhere on your body. Touch your thigh while sitting at the table. Put your hand subtly on your stomach. Stroke your neck. Slowly put lotion on your hands. These are all things you can do in a non-creepy way. This physical contact gives you a jolt of connection to yourself, reminding you that you’re alive and that your body is working for you. When you connect to and acknowledge your body, you won’t want to binge or restrict yourself. You’ll just want to eat what feels good and that’s it.

These tools will give you the peace around food and your body that you’re craving. I seriously have your back on this.

Aaaand, if you’re ready to develop a customized plan for getting free around food and body craziness, schedule a FREE 30-min strategy session with me. Just email me sarah@thehappycollegegirl.com and tell me that you want food and body FREEDOM!

Made a pie with my baking idol

A few weeks ago, I met my baking idol, Joy the Baker (check her out, yo). It was a brush with fame for me, on the real.

Rolling pie crust with Joy

Remember when I told you to do small things to help you move forward when you feel anxious? Well, making pie is one of them! And cookies. Baking silences my anxious thoughts because it gives me something tangible to focus on, to complete.

Recipes literally tell you what to do. Ah, what a relief, right? When you’re so freaked out about what to do next in life that getting through the day feels like torture, a recipe that gives you steps, measurements, and instructions is so welcome. Plus, you can share your baked goods with your friends and everyone will love you and tell you how awesome you are (which you are), an excellent way to shift out of that anxiety.

Along with Joy the Baker, another awesome food blog is authored by an actual college girl! Emily is the girl behind Not Your Average College Food (ummm she’s been feautred on NPR, nbd) and she was part of The Happy College Girl Summit. She rocks.

When you need to get out of your head, take a break from all of the stuff that’s making you anxious, and still feel productive, try baking something. Then share it with friends. This can only help, college girls!

Also…tell your anxious thoughts to GET OFF MY JOCK.

Sarah and Joy get off my jock