Revive your skin by putting food on your face

Happy November, college girls (and guys, if any of you are reading. If you are, THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU).

My Halloween was full of food, dancing, dogs in costumes, friends who are like my family, and glowstick bracelets. I curated a pretty impressive (if I may) costume of a woman on safari. My date for the evening was my dear, dear friend May, aka Jon Snow.

Safari and Jon Snow Halloween 2015

On a safari with Jon Snow. Pretty great, right?

Tonight, to decompress after the Halloween festivities, I smeared a bunch of Greek yogurt on my face in the name of soft skin, a nice glow, and reduced redness.

Halloween Greek yogurt face

Alexis Wolfer of the Beauty Bean (aka my dream big sister) and author of the DIY beauty book Recipe for Radiance talks a LOT about the benefits of using food (whole, simple foods) on your skin. For this mask, take 2-3 tablespoons of full-fat (or close to full-fat) plain Greek yogurt and smear it allllll over your face. You can even put it on your eyelids. Leave on for 15-ish minutes until the yogurt gets kind of crusty (ew, sorry). Rinse with warm water and a washcloth.

College girls, take this in: smearing food on your face is fun, easy, and cheap. You can do a mask at night when you’re studying, with your lady friends at a sleepover, or LITERALLY WHENEVER. When you rinse your face, your skin will feel smooth and soft, and will actually glow. Also, you’ll have some fun and feel more relaxed. Trust. More DIY facemasks here!