How to accomplish your goals faster

Almost every day for the past three weeks, I’ve been hopping on the phone with a friend I made in a coaching group. At 9:30am, we do an exercise from our program to keep us on track with having a positive mindset–so that we see positive results in our lives.

If I didn’t have this phone call with my friend every morning, motivating myself to do that exercise would be much more difficult. If left on my own, I would probably skip a few days, then eventually lose motivation and not do the exercise for weeks…requiring me to build up the mental strength and discipline again to get myself back on track. Think of all of that time and energy I wasted not doing the exercise, when just doing it would’ve been a much for effective way to see the results I want in my life.

But working with my friend, aka my accountability buddy, forces me (in a gentle way) to do the exercise. She calls me every morning, and I pick up. We do the exercise, then get on with our days. Our system is great. It gives me the structure and discipline I need to help me accomplish my goals faster than I would if I didn’t have that support.

Think about one of your goals or an area of your life that you’d like to improve.

How might you incorporate an accountability buddy to help you move towards that goal/improvement faster?

Here are some ideas to help you out!

  • If your goal is to incorporate more exercise in your life, make a plan with a friend to go to a class together, or take a walk/run together. Instead of meeting there, try carpooling. If you’re responsible for picking up someone or being picked up, you’ll be more likely to go and not just bail if you’re too tired.
  • Start a group gratitude chat. Gather a few of your friends and text each other three things you’re grateful for each day. Pick different things each time. Gratitude makes you feel instantly abundant and happy!
  • Choose an inspirational/self-improvement book to read with a friend/group of friends. Get together once a week to discuss how you’re incorporating the principles into your life, cheer each other on, and get ideas for how to stay on track.

These are just some of the MANY ways you can incorporate an accountability buddy system into your life…and get the discipline you need to accomplish your goals faster!