How and why to get psyched about your own life

This weekend, I spent about 40 mins scrolling through the Instagram of a stranger. I discovered this person (who is totally lovely and contributing to the world in a positive way btw) via a blogger I follow..and just got lost in her life online.

When I managed to pull myself away from the computer screen, I realized that I spent so much time experiencing some other girl’s life that I completely neglected mine. Why did I divest myself of my own life in favor of someone else’s on social media? I’m thinking it’s partially because I was trying to forget about the things in my own life that make me feel anxious, stagnant, and inferior. Sometimes it’s easier for me to get lost in a stranger’s shiny Instagram life than deal with my own reality.

But taking an Instagram vacation doesn’t actually resolve anything in my life; it just exacerbates those feelings of anxiety and inferiority. It prolongs the amount of time it will take for me to take action and experience contentment in those areas of my life that are unsettled.

What’s the answer, then?

Get psyched about what you’re doing in your own life.

Why? Because when you’re excited about your life, you feel inspired to get clear on and accomplish your goals–so that you can be the best version of yourself and contribute to the world positively.

Getting psyched about your life also helps you view your life as valuable and worthy. That means you’ll naturally move away from people and activities that drain you/make you feel stagnant and just meh. You’ll begin to spend your time, money, and energy with intention–on things that really matter to you and fill you up.

How do you get psyched about your life? Try this tips!

1. Get quiet. When you remove distractions and outside noise, you can hear your own thoughts, needs, and desires better. Get to know yourself for a few minutes each day. Journal. Take a walk. Stretch. Read. Eat your meals while listening to music instead of watching a show. When you form a closer relationship with yourself, you learn more about what your soul is truly craving (in all areas of your life), and you can take aligned action from there. You’ll realize that just like those Instagram bloggers, you too have an awesome personality, big goals, and a valuable perspective on life

2. Add more fun to your day. It’s easy to focus on the routine and drudgery of our day…which makes us think that our life isn’t exciting at all. Make the boring stuff exciting. Have a 1-minute dance party between work tasks. Listen to an audio book during your commute. Have a phone date with a friend while doing laundry. Wear a hot outfit while running errands. When you have more fun, you feel a little more psyched about your life, and you realize that you have the power to experience life however you choose.

3. Work out. Moving your body makes you feel calm, empowered, and inspired. Move in a way that feels good to you (see tip 1) and do it a few times per week.

4. Tackle your To Do list. Nothing makes us feel more lazy and inferior than procrastinating on our To Do list. Take action by choosing one thing on your list, setting a timer, and doing it. Then, choose another thing. This will make you feel like a boss, motivating you to keep accomplishing your tasks and goals, and feel totally psyched about yourself.