About this girl

After a six-year journey, from community college, to a four-year university, to grad school, my college career came to an end in May 2014.

When I look back on all those years in college, here is what I remember the most:

  • Binge eating, food restriction, exercise and food obsession
  • Stress from deadlines hanging over my head
  • Mentally comparing myself to my peers during class (and consequently not contributing to discussions)
  • Feeling pressured to date and have sex
  • Anxiety from future-tripping about the impending semester and everything I had to “figure out”
  • Piles (and piles) of unorganized papers, clothes, emails, and dishes
  • Never feeling calm for more than 5 minutes a day
  • Hearing all of my friends talk about how burnt out or freaked out they were
What up!
What up!

Sound familiar? College can suck, and it’s okay if you think it does. But I’m here to help!

Now that I’m out of college for good (unless I decide to get a PhD when I’m 70), my mission is to help other women in college accomplish their personal and academic goals, and feel peaceful while doing it.